Syllabus Readings

Required Readings

On this reading list, you will find readings labeled: "for everyone" and other readings that are under one of the 8 groups.  All participants should read the the readings labeled "for everyone."  Once your groups are assigned, you will also be responsible for the readings for your particular group.

To access the reading list, click here.

Here is a list of other resources that NEH participants and presenters have shared*

          (*please note that this is not meant to be a comprehensive list and does not reflect the views of CMES or the NEH Directors).

- Arab Feminism at the Millennium by Therese Saliba 

- A Study of Rijal fi al-Shams by Douglas R. Magrath

-Islamic Feminism in New Arab Media Platforms for Self-Expression and Sites for Multiple Resistances by Sahar Khamis

Below are documents with direct links:

-Women, Work, and Islam in Arab Societies by Yusuf Sidani

-Beyond Orientalism and Islamophobia 9/11, Anti-Arab Racism, and the Mythos of National Pride by Steven Salaita

-Arab Youth Survey 2019

-Major Films made by Arabs and Arabs in the Diaspora 

-Middle Eastern Films and short stories

-Syrian film maker Oussama Mohammed talks about conditions film makers faced under the Ba'athist Regime


Links to Lectures from the NEH Institute from the CMES's YouTube channel

-Dr. Nassar's talk: "Introduction to the History and Geography of the Middle East"

-Dr. Betteridge's talk: "The Challenges of Being Young and Female in Iran."

-Dr. Fortna's talk: "Education and Social Change in Historical Perspective."

-Dr. Provencher's talk: "Coming out Queer in Morocco."

-Dr. Asia's and Dr. Tepper's talk: "Israeli Music."

-Dr. Hudson's talk: "Youth since the Arab Spring."